Experience scalable and sustainable investing


Growth Investing

Maximising long-term value.

Available for institutional investors, our highly experienced investment advisors adopt risk management strategies to help secure market return, depending on your goals and risk tolerance.

Diversified portfolio

With a diversified portfolio, we reduce overall risk while maximising long-term returns

Utmost transparency

We safeguard our client’s interests by ensuring the transparency of our operations and financial products.

Proven track record

Rely on our expert capabilities and industry know-how in managing a wide range of client portfolios.


Secure Investment

Guaranteed, steady returns.

With our secure investment, we help you maximise your payout at maturity. We put your investment to work and help you build your savings for the future. At a pre-determined date, your investment matures, and you can get your total compounded investment amount.

Minimal risk

A safe investment that protects you against loss.

High returns

Above-average performance in the market.

Attain peace of mind

Your investments are managed by expert advisors to ensure security and greater peace of mind.


Real Estate Secure Investment

Greater potential for high returns.

A safe tangible investment option to mitigate risks in your portfolio. Not only is it a valuable income-generating tool, but the returns can be channelled towards acquiring your real estate investments.

Low risk

Unaffected by market conditions, you can safely acquire your properties.


Own real estate through our structured payment plan.

Stable income stream

Low volatility in the real estate market.

Make an impact when you invest with ARCB